There are dozens of optional extras you can add to your vehicle.   

We know that this can be overwhelming: do you need tyre cover? Do you really need fuel cards? We're here to simplify the process and only recommend the products and services that would actually benefit your fleet.


Pure Finance Lease

We bare the full residual value risk of this funding type based on the concluded term/ mileage combination of the individual vehicle.

Full Service Lease

With one or more of our below mentioned services your Finance Lease Contract becomes a Full Service Lease Contract.

Maintenance & Repair  

We offer periodic services for maintenance as well as all cost resulting repairs and technical assessments within the official network of the manufacturer.


We provide limited or unlimited tyre services including the replacement of the tyres as well as related services such as fitting, balancing and seasonal storage. 


We offer competitive full comprehensive insurance packages tailored to the market standards and the individual requirements 

Accident & Claims Management Car 

We manage all claims related to the vehicles as well as the payment process, from towing the vehicle to the next garage/ dealership, appraisal costs, repair costs and rental costs 

Road Side Assistance 

We provide road side assistance in the event of a breakdown and ensure mobility services
A multilingual service hotline supports drivers 24/7 

Relief Car 

We provide relief vehicle services in the event of an accident, theft, vandalism and for other events

Fuel Card 

We supply fuel cards for cash free settlement of all fuel expenses within the network of the official gas stations. Effective costs will be charged within a consolidated monthly invoice including reporting 

International Reporting 

We provide via an online tool a full range of reporting services that put the most relevant data at your fingertips.  

Fleet Consultancy

Beside supplying and funding vehicles, we offers thought-provoking advice, analysis and recommendations to help get your fleet operating at its full potential. 


Fleet Management & Reporting Tool