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Everything you need to electrify your fleet from a single source

Fleet electrification is consistently stated as a priority 1 topic by fleet managers. Through government subsidies across Europe, electric vehicles excel already more than 30% of new car orders.


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Discover the future of your fleet.
Welcome to the e-mobility consideration hub.

Wherever you are on your journey of discovering whether plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles are suitable for your fleet, we’ve developed a whole load of advice, guidance and personal support, to help drive your decision.

Is electric car or van adoption right for
your business?

Electric cars or vans, or plug-in hybrids? There is no doubt the heat is rising for fleet managers on the subject of e-mobility.

You may be at the point of considering whether to trial different fuel types and have the desire to understand just how much the e-mobility landscape has advanced, as well as the financial implications and savings for businesses, in terms of charging points, taxes and service and maintenance. There’s also the question of whether you’re set up to be able to effectively charge plug-in vehicles so your drivers can get from A to B, without needing downtime that may eat into your bottom line.

            -   Costs savings due to lower fuel and SMR costs
            -   Tax-saving benefits for company car drivers
            -   Reduced CO2 emissions – helping to meet Corporate Social Responsibility objectives
            -   Improved customer perception of your business


Evaluate e-mobility

Establish the viability of hybrid or electric vehicles for your fleet

Our International Key Account Managers will help you to evaluate your fleet for electric vehicle adoption.

It’s for everyone

With our profile analysis, we support you in choosing the most suitable vehicle for each driver.

The wide range of the latest hybrid and electric cars and vans, from every relevant manufacturer makes this possible.

Achieve it

Weigh up electric car leasing and fleet management

Would electric car maintenance savings and electric vehicle leasing flexibility help your business to achieve its goals?

Everything else

The support of our International Key Account Managers will help you prepare your business for e-mobility transition.

To get you started, we also offer you a transition roadmap that makes the changeover as easy as possible for you.

It’s everywhere

With our partners, we offer a complete concept for your charging infrastructure with analysis and validation of the available charging and network infrastructure, including calculation of the estimated investment costs and consumption.

The result is an optimal load management concept for Charge@Home, Charge@Work and Charge@Public, tailored to the respective application, including the installation and integration of storage systems.


It has never been so easy. With our specialists, you get the right concepts, expert checks and comprehensive support.

You maintain an overview at all times - with transparent management reporting that goes beyond pure numbers and includes state-of-the-art dashboards/reports which are fully customised toward company requirements and sustainability targets.

With our Fleet Transition Tool you can easily get an insight into the
electrification potential of your fleet.


Is your business EV-ready?
Make the best choice with a strong partner by your side and discover the viability of electric vehicle and the estimate potential fuel savings.
Would you like comprehensive advice and analysis on e-mobility?
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From emission to e-mission: If you want to switch your fleet to forward thinking technology, we will show you what is already possible today for your specific needs in which countries and how you can benefit from a wide variety of subsidies.

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