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The right drive for the fleet

White paper for analysing mobility needs

Wolfsburg, December 12, 2018 – The Volkswagen Group is providing fleet managers with fact-based information on drive systems in a new white paper. With this paper, the company is offering a decision-making and discussion aid for the question: “Which drive is best for my fleet?”

As well as relevant information on the current drive types offered by the group – petrol engine, diesel engine, mild hybrid, natural gas engine, plug-in hybrid and electric engine – the white paper also contains a helpful strategy tool, the so-called “Fleet Funnel”. This tool identifies the most important variables to be considered when precisely defining the correct drive type: pur-pose, external influences, internal instructions, total cost of ownership (TCO) and user choosers.

Important facts and figures are presented comprehensibly in text and illustrations. The first chapter on “Drives” expands the knowledge base for every relevant motor with the help of specific additional information. For each drive, the user will also find a comparison of strengths and weaknesses that is relevant to decisions.

The second chapter on “Making a decision” describes the “Fleet Funnel” strategy tool in detail – and takes a closer look at the variables mentioned earlier. In addition, numerous generic tables, diagrams and examples provide practical relevance. The “Fleet Funnel” can be used as a template for an in-house fleet analysis.

“The white paper will not replace our individual and person-al consultation. Instead, it helps fleet managers assess and evaluate their own specific fleet situations. The white paper also provides useful arguments for an internal analysis pro-cess”, says Armin Villinger, Head of Volkswagen Group Fleet International.

The white paper is entitled “The right drive for the fleet” and can be downloaded for free at: Click here